Attention All Physical Therapists: Big GetPT1st News!

GetPT1st app provider network

Join in the movement to connect the public with PTs

Before we get into the details of this big announcement, I think it’s important to step back and retrace how we have gotten to this point. I believe that there are lots and lots of people who would greatly benefit from working with a physical therapist. Unfortunately, many of the people who would benefit from working with a PT have no idea what PTs actually do or how therapists can help them.

I first became a fan of the profession because I had a great experience as a patient. Prior to that experience, I didn’t know anything about physical therapy. It’s likely I would have never considered the PT profession if it wasn’t for that, because I just didn’t know anything about physical therapy.

That’s why I started GetPT1st – to help educate the public on what therapists do and how they can help people be their best. I believe that therapists have a unique set of skills and a desire to help people. I believe that PTs can (and in many cases should) be the front line providers for many health conditions. I believe that we should be promoting direct access to PT where the people are: online, in-person events, social media channels, you name it.

A dream come true

The goal has always been to connect the public with PTs. Thankfully, technology is now available to bridge this gap in a whole new way. I can’t put into words how excited I am to partner with the folks at In Hand Health, using their software, to make that dream a reality. This isn’t a partial solution or a patchwork bridge; it’s a comprehensive, total-care solution.

Patients will be able to download the branded GetPT1st app and immediately get in touch with a therapist. It will also allow therapists to treat their current patients and increase referrals through direct access.

By the end of 2018, the GetPT1st app will be available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

This is a way for providers and clinics to grow their business and increase self-referrals through direct access. The app’s many features include: HIPAA compliant telehealth and multimedia messaging (videos, text, image, audio), exercise prescription and monitoring, as well as hundreds of patient educational materials.

What can you do?

If you are a provider or represent a clinic that would love to be part of this network to connect the public to PTs, you have two options. The first is for select major metropolitan areas where we will start the process. The second is for those clinics or providers in direct-access states in the USA.

1. If you live in the metro area of the following cities – NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and Atlanta – please fill out this form –

2. If you don’t live in those metro areas, but live in a state that has direct access, please fill out this form –

Bonus For Pro Bono / Free Clinics!!!

I believe in giving back, especially to those who can’t afford or access the traditional route of physical therapy services. If you run a free or pro bono clinic, whether it is through a community health organization, association, or university, the app will be free for your clinic to use. To sign up for this, please fill out this form –

Last, but not least…

This is a paradigm-changing idea that probably leaves you with lots of questions. I will continue to update this post as more info becomes available. In the meantime, here’s a post to help answer the most Frequently Asked Questions (how the marketing side works and how much it costs).

For those interested in the specifics of what the app can do, head over to the In Hand Health website to learn about their company, software, and features.

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding telehealth. This article helps to clear some of that up – What you might not know about telehealth that could change your PT practice.

Lastly, if you’re skeptical about this “new technology” thing, I wrote a post and made a video explaining why the future of physical therapy includes telehealth. I also talk about the benefits of using this solution to enhance and grow your practice. Other healthcare professions are already successfully using technology like this. We can’t afford to get left behind.

Please help to spread the news, especially if you live in one of the identified metro areas or know someone who does. By working together and combining our shared resources, we can improve our profession and reach the public in a brand new way.